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Our mission is to protect Indonesia’s & World’s natural environment as Indonesia’s largest spill combat centre & one of the largest in the World. Indonesia produces, exports & imports oil up to 3.5 million barrels per day.

With 85% of its territory is ocean, Indonesia has big risk of spill pollution from major shipping routes, over 200 ports and terminals which can pollute sensitive areas & world heritage sites known to have thousands of protected marine species.


Derawan Island

One of the wonderful tourism in East kalimantan is Derawan Islands. In recent years this place popular as of the excellent vacation of exotic beach in Indonesia. The beauty of Derawan Islands that you can enjoy such as diving and snorkeling.

Derawan Islands is like the typical dream of a tropical paradise with secluded white sand beaches, clear blue water and some coconut trees providing some shade. The islands are located in Berau district, of the coast of East Kalimantan and it is one of the best diving spot in the world. The archipelago was nominated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Derawan Islands has 1.270.000 hectare area of sea and islands are marine and coastal ecosystems : coral reefs, sea grass beds, and mangrove forests. It has a unique biodiversity with more than 460 kinds of coral spread around this area and several sandbanks like Pulau Panjang, Muaras, Masimbung, Buliulin, Pinaka, and Tababinga Sandbank.

There are also 870 kinds of fish, some of them are protected species like green turtles, whales, dolphins, giant clams, coconut crabs, and barracudas. This area has the largest turtle habitat and nesting site in South East Asia.

Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is the gateway for trips across the nearby Komodo National Park to Komodo Island ad Rinca Island, both home to the Komodo dragons.

There are numerous snorkeling points in the islands close to Labuan Bajo, Kanawa and Seraya Islands, for example, offer good diving and snorkeling sites. Every evening at Kalong Island, to the south of Labuan Bajo, thousands of flying fox bats (known as burung kalong in Indonesia) provides an amazing display.

Around dusk the bats rise up from the mangroves around Kalong Island, and within a few minutes, a column begins to form as thousands of bats begin to traverse across the main island of Flores to the east.

The column soon forms into a remarkable trail across the sky stretching for miles as the bats fly east to Flores to search for food in the nearby forests.

Mahakam River

The Mahakam river streams down a 1.000 km from the heart of Borneo highlands into the Sulawesi Sea, and is a flush of brown water vein of Kalimantan. The Irrawaddy Dolphin is an Endangered cetacean that is typically found in coastal shallows throughout Shout East Asia.

In Indonesia’s Mahakam River, however, exists a Critically Endangered population of Mahakam River Dolphin that consists of around 80 individuals. This population is revered by the local community, but is highly threatened by entanglement in gill nets and the destruction of riparian habitat.

Researchers are in the process of analyzing the DNA of this isolated population and believe that it may be genetically distinct from other populations. These protected areas will secure important habitat for many threatened aquatic and terrestrial species, including the Critically Endangered Mahakam subpopulation of the Irrawaddy Dolphin, locally known as the “Pesut”.

Other species that will benefit from the protected area establishment include the Critically Endangered Siamese Crocodile and Bornean Orangutan, the Endangered Malaysian Giant Turtle and numerous threatened bird species.

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