The international Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Cooperation, 1990 (DPRC) calls for the International Maritime Organization, along with the relevant international and regional Organizations, oil and shipping industries, to develop a comprehensive training programs in the field of oil pollution preparedness and response including the availability of expertise for the development and implementation of training programs.

OSCT Indonesia provides oil spill combat training OPRC IMO LEVEL. 1,2 and 3 accredited by the Nautical Institute and certified by Indonesia Directorate General of Sea Transportation following OPRC IMO Standards with competitive prices in Indonesia and around the World.

OSCT INDONESIA are able to conduct accredited IMO Level 1, 2, 3 and HNS (Hazardous and Nuxious Subtances) Training. All of our trainers are bilingual: both Indonesia and English.

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