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OSCT Indonesia are always ready 24/7 with trained responders, supervisors, and internationally acknowledged experts to combat oil & chemical spills in Indonesia and around the World.

All of our experts, responders, and supervisors have real experiende in Oil & Chemical Spill Combat and are certified OPRC IMO LEVEL 1,2, and 3 and OPRC IMO HNS Training.

With our 24/7 Command Center, every year we respond to about 6-8 spill incidents in Indonesia and around the World and mobilize equipments and skilled personnel to protect the environment and mitigate any environmental damage quickly.

Some of our experiences including singking of sand production suction boat owned by PT. Timah Tbk in Riau Islands work areas.

OSCT Indonesia applied two layered static boom and skimmer strategy for containing continuous oil spill. There is a movable backup oil boom to contain any oil that escapes, and onshore protection boom and resources are deployed quickly in advance to protect sensitive shorelines.